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Aici sunt filmele pe care le-am vazut, care mi-au placut sau nu, dar si cele ce urmeaza a fi vazute. Este o lista care ma ajuta pe mine sa nu uit ce am vazut si ce trebuie sa vad, dar va puteti inspira si voi.

––––––pagina in lucru––––––

10 things that I hate about you
21 grams
A single man [2009]
An education [2009]
Analyze that [2002]
Autumn in New York (Richard Gere)
Before the devil knows you’re dead
Big fish
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Bruce Allmighty
Cassandra’s dream
Catch me if you can
Copilaria lui Ivan
Death at a funeral [2010]
Death deying acts (Houdini: ultimul magician)
Die welle
Delivering Milo
Eat pray love
Entrapment [1999]
Fish tank [2009]
Girl interrupted
Grease [1978]
Heat [1995]
Horton Hears a Who![2008]
Ice Age 1-2-3
If only
In the land of women [2007]
Italian job
Jeux d’enfants
Kate & Leopold
Le dinner de cons
Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain [2001]
Legends of the fall
Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
Leon [1994]
Lolita (’97)
Me, Myself and Irene [2000]
Miss Nobody
Mr. Nobody
Nine and a half weeks
Noapte la muzeu 1
Not another teen movie
Ocean’s Twelve | Thirteen
One flew over the cockoo’s nest
Out of Africa
Over her dead body
Peaceful warrior [2006]
Pretty woman
Prime [2005]
Requiem for a dream
Scafandrul si fluturele
Scent of a woman
Secondhand lions
See NO evil Hear NO evil [1989]
Seven pounds
Stranger than fiction (2006)
The butterfly effect
The devil wears Prada
The english patient
The golden compass
The good night
The groundhog day
The horse whisperer [1998]
The legend of 1900
The librarian
The matrix
The mist (Stephen King)
Il y a long time que je t’aime
The prince of Egypt [1998]
The rainmaker [1997]
The secret
The truth about cats and dogs
The witches of Eastweak
Unfaithfull (Richard Gere)
Veronika decides to die
Water for elephants (2011)
Who’s Harry Crumb


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